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Monday-Friday:?08:30-11:30 & 12:30-17:30

PtP Team ?– Thai-Swedish Assembly Co., Ltd.

Email:?adm [dot] gbsapthailand [at] volvo [dot] com
Tax ID no:?0105517004163

PtP Team – TMBP Limited

Email:?adm [dot] gbsapthailand [at] volvo [dot] com
Tax ID no:?0105549001500

PtP team – Volvo Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Email:?group [dot] p2pth04 [at] volvo [dot] com
Tax ID no:?0105533032851

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? Volvo Group?company (invoice receiver)
? Supplier/PARMA/vendor number
? Supplier company name

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